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We got to spend more time with the Head Great Joy this season, and we're so glad we did! Our opinion of this ski improved quite a bit as we took it out for longer rides. We were so impressed that we had to award it our Top Pick Award for the best carving ski. This award winner is a great joy when skied on-piste, and when you ski an appropriate length for your ability, it can be a great joy in other conditions as well.

This ski's dramatic sidecut and incredibly short turn radius are fun for those who like making tight, snappy turns, feel very stable and like to hold an edge and power through a turn. They do not enjoy making large radius turns, and can be hooky in the bumps, but we've discovered a new perspective in the crud on the Great Joy.

We are amazed at how the Great Joy's wide shovel shape and wide 98mm waist float on top of the powder. Though it kept the same color palette, the Great Joy received a new look since our testing period, shown in the main photo above. The secret to the Great Joy's power is selecting the right length for you.

We also found the lightweight Icelantic Oracles to be quite playful. Another reason is the type of steel used. However, if plowing is part of your daily activities, opt for a plow that is not only durable but wide enough to fit your UTV and help you plow more snow in just one session. Plus, you can optimize the blade for different conditions thanks to the adjustable attack angle and spring tension system.

Kevin PS-- I usually walk out with a cup of coffee or cocoa for the plow drivers when I hear em coming.

Plow With Great Joy

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So what does the sense trust think of that firing? Give the mock a break it's what plow drivers do, so he enjoyed it, what the heck is indecorous with that?

And anyone who plowed snow knows burying cars , re-blocking driveways just as the home owner digs it out is just mainly of the job, and a guy should be able to enjoy his work right?? What do the people think the plow operator is presuppose to do with the snow , bag it up?? WTF people act out of snow fatherland if you don't yearn for your driveway or passenger car buried , or at least get you transport off the street!!

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We would recommend sizing up when purchasing this ski due to the dramatic rocker. Head Great Joy Review A great ski for an advanced skier who wants to carve snappy turns on-piste and venture off trail into the deep powder. It makes short, round, peppy turns. Our expert testers liked the Great Joys in their longer cm length.

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