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Kamping Bear: Akash? Come on his a fag

Sunny Wolffia: I am English and nothing like this. This video annoyed me.

Grace Ebo: Portuguese in the comments be like: WE ARE NOT F*CKING SPANISH!

Vince D: Really, that's the serbian guy, I'm serbian and he does not represent the average serbian man, shame

Gottmovie: I dated quite a lot of different women, i.e. English/Irish girls, Italian, Latin American, American, Canadian, Spanish, Korean etc so gained some experience in ladies courtship etc in general.


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Latin Gay Interracial And Cumshot Marie Loou: If you put a less shitty music on the background you will double the views, or even with no music

Mister Orun: Please do one on dating Russian men

Rakesh Perla: Those guys are.herbivores

Lily H.: I like the business look, but with a slim cut suit, best.

TheJ0nyBrav0: So basically all of west Europe


Anonymous BR: Wait that was French?

Multi Meter: I vote for hipster but without the facial hair. The guy was really funny, regardless of what he was wearing you could tell he was charming had a good sense of humor and that means a lot!

Blackwood: Do not do this mistake! Do not go for a Greek Girl, you will be the woman and she will be the boss

Liv Vell: Pinnokio revealed clear the front sits :P

Bloodyhetza: Hahahahahahahaa Oh God, I am brazilian and I am shame abouth this video hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Rey Conconcon: Emotions and heart are changed. you can love today and hate tomoroow

Ivan Coviello: Oh my god, when he was standing on the door I kept expecting him to ask may I come in? or just show some passion, god damn it! Mexican women ain't conquered by being shy, they're fiery women, if you don't have some fire yourself, good luck getting to seduce her

Juan Avina: All those women were horrible presentations of Hispanic peoples. Not even average looking

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