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Lisa Smith: I think u missed an n in the title : In Iceland

Barba Rossa: If she is late? They always late. Acho que as mulhers do brasil sao foge bem gostosa. Eu comi tudo ai. Eu aprendava em aulas de Portuguese na cama.haha.All kidding aside. Brasilian women are the best. Adoro tudo.

Macie Smith: French canada are not really cros culture

Cas Quette: When he shits in the street

Igna 101: I have the same watch as that guy lol

Oh Honey: Is it only Polish that sounded nothing like it should to the native speakers?

LaSheefra: As a Puerto Rican girl I feel that you should make one about us Rican girls

Dima Dunno: French? FRENCH? WTF? I'm french and I idn't understand only single word in it 38 )

Tristan Ich: Having good skin(without acne, marks etc because even tho women enjoy wearing make up, it's like better having a nice skin instead of being covered with tons of conciler.

Jane Genne: Her brother and father kill her for dating you

ZPlayGamer: I love Russian accents, lol, they're so cute x)

Doryphoros: More videos about Poland, Switzerland and Sweden please

Gamerkid 87: I'm a Russian male and I fucking relate to this. My bf sent this to me, though.

Caio Vale: It should have been called . how to date a pikey

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Krishna: The Irish guy was super cute.

GiuliASMR: You are Canadians eh I counted how many times you said sorry

Sumeya Harun: Why they have to close eyes for this?

Dornstein: Denmark has definitely a lot of pretty women, but they are all feminists for fuck sake

Steel Nerves: Do albanian woman and french woman!

Victor Hugo: I like it

Coll Ita: I would say French but idk why, I really don't know

TagusMan: I wonder if a lot of those stereotypes are mainly from paris. I have heard that once you get out of there people are in fact very friendly. Second, I have heard that its the men that cheat not the women. Kind of sad, cause I always say this cheating is a choice.

DID-mannen: Whose form London?

Fuler310: Where's Argentinean accent? That's the sexiest

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  1. Your whole video fell apart right there for me. В This is why people dont respect feminists.В

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