I m totally gay for america - Seems legit...

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  • I'm Totally Gay for America / I'm Totally Gay for the US of...
  • Arthur is drunk. And what do people do when they're drunk? Why, they sing...
  • Arthur sighed into his beer, taking another swig.
  • I'm Totally Gay for Barack Obama | HuffPost

Should i tell the father im pregnant if im keeping it?

I'm a straight dude.
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Arthur and Francis began a violent tug-of-war with the man, the Frenchman determined to embarrass the hell out of Eyebrows, and the Brit determined to avoid that by any means possible!

The room was silent for a moment, as the nations absorbed this; then, suddenly, Alfred burst out laughing beside him. Maybe you can even pass it off like it was…selected for you! Please read and respect our rules below before contributing. It was — "Wassup, guys? Does it have to do with superheroes? He hadn't noticed the figure in the back of the room, eyeing him throughout the song with a video camera pointed in his direction.

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Vinks NSX: I'm italian, and this is the biggest bullshit I've ever seen XD


Veane Soyle: Also, it's extremely popular for Brazilian girls with no Nordic European ancestry to put blond highlights in their hairs. It's not because it's a race issue, but just because it gives a more sexy look. (i myself prefer very dark hair instead.)

Erik Roggeman: Please do middle eastern woman next

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Kyaniite: COLOMBIAAAAA! Pero el acento paisa es lo mejor 3

Mhay PM: If only there was a way for me to despise men more.oh wait.

RaZoR Jr: Everything on this channel is akward

Nupur Asma: I love when blacks try to play stereotypes on Indians, i mean we r funny warm people if u try to talk to us but dont push us to use stereotypes cuz we got plenty for blacks


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England is Totally Gay for America - Completely Free Hookup

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  1. Its really weird because when we talk about rape men seem to say that they fear being accused the most whilst women fear actual rape.

  2. ummm since when is sex superficial? i think you should know the meaning of words before you use them.

  3. So true people well some girl dont like it cause it looks bad, but we look worse down there its natural

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