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Harry Nuts: I don't know what is it about people commenting on accents.every region has their own accent.accept it.and not an accurate description.i am from a pure indian family with majority of hindus but we have an American Christian,a muslim,a south indian and an african family among our relatives.get over the stereotype

Lmly Perrie: The name of this video is incorrect, it should be You Know You are Dating a (anglo ONTARIAN Man When. I'm not talking about Quebec either. The Maritimes, Newfoundland, the Prairies it's pretty different.

Kao Moji: Montreal hands down. As someone who moved from Australia to Toronto, it's incredibly difficult to meet women here. All it took was a few visits to Montreal, and other cases from my Toronto friends who actually have girlfriends in Montreal, to convince me that Montreal is a way better city to be single in. The first guy at 38 and 30 nailed it too!

Samuel Curran: Ooo! I clicked the 'like and it went from 10k to 11k! BOOM! :D

Amy Chen: Swedish/Norwegian/Danish men/women (They are all very similiar I'd say)

Remi C.: Ohhh nooo ahha this was the best video eveeer

Khriz Herfy: Everything in this video is true. Hahahahahahahahaha

Oceiana Bond: Where was the farmer accent, Green army

Tiny Tina: Could've included languages that aren't that often included, used or mentioned, these are just the usual boring ones that you always expect to hear anyway, and it just isn't fun

Johny Hero: Bien plus haut que le jour

Whosyodaddyyy: Hahahahaha so true! They are very jealous. An Italian friend stopped talking to me because she thought I was trying to get his men (when I have the most stunning husband). I told her one time as a compliment that her husband is a good looking person and she went into protective mode!

Marry1321: Can you do danish men ? :')

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MrWhite UA: That fancy scarf they're blindfolded with lmao

Oliver LK: Lets start with the fact that she does not look Mexican,

Hetero Sapien: Really like the Scottish accent

Comrade Roy: Please do dutch women.

Angel Andrade: Love From TURKEY.

Zilda Zaid: It's like this everywhere

Diteo Ahmed: THANK YOU for using the ROC flag

Diana Taran: Well, I'm definitely French ^^

Point2600: Can't believe he said Mexico is not in North America and also that he thinks tamales are spicy

Raquel-andrea: You are organized

QueenKsu: This fucking cunt is uglier than a witch, and I am a romanian. And I think that this video is not accurate . but whatever

Willi Tomko: Can you please do one of Portuguese women

Thomas Chung: That was a nice video.

HAzArDzOnE: I absolutely did not like the european look at all. The only look I liked was the business look, lol.

Gay Dirty Underwear Bdsm Shit


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  1. I hate toothpick-shaped women. I like my women to have some curves on them, and not look like they need a sandwich.

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