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Xenia Mitsi: Russian girls are mostly beautiful without any hard effort.

CtfcNIG: The brazilian accent takes a lot from the indigenous languages. There's a video of a native brazilian speaking Nheengatu and it's clear where we get this nasal sounding accent.

Ashley Davis: Also 1 true for us Swedish women.

Tupacamaru2: Can you PLEASE do this kind of video about You Know you're dating a BOLIVIAN woman when . ?

Saša Stajić: By the way, to anyone who has the opportunity to visit Ukraine, step by at Lviv ! A georgeous city, especially in winter !

Azizah Bello: And they are right all the time

Morokor: This isn't far off the mark, to be honest. I do like to think that our women have a lot more humor to them than this lets on, but as a people we definitely value our privacy, and we're not in a hurry to lock ourselves down.

Beyza Nisan: Everything is on point.

Egor Kas: Catalonia is not Spain

Arthur Che: To all English speaking people watching this: not all Italians speak english as bad as the guys in this video lol

Un Om Alb: Hahahah SOOO funny !

Ametaf Johora: Camilla is gorgeous

Justjuice: Brazilian accent wins each and every time of course! Having said that, the Portuguese guys you went with were a bit of a disappointment for this particular task! Being Portuguese, from Lisbon in particular I didn't feel represented at all! Greetings from Angola, another Portuguese speaking country with a special accent of it's own! ;)

Lucas Jordan: You'll never need to hide your opinion, success, thoughts or true personality while dating. Beeing authentic is a huge turn on to most german people and many german men prefer strong, independent women on the same eye-level. Sometimes, that can be quite relieving. If you're a woman who doesn't care beeing treated like a princess and rather wants to be taken seriously you're in the best company! ;)

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