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You hope that she got hit by a bus or something, but odds are, she was just turned off by your approach. All I ask...

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If you've ever seen a girl go past home with some asshole she didn't even LIKE, you know this is true. Forums Unripe posts Search forums. What's new Further posts New behoof posts Latest function. Members Registered associates Current visitors Brand-new profile posts Search profile posts.

In regard to a better caution, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Slapstick lines and a great convo opener! This should escape from ice! Thread starter nismo-4 Start era Jun 28, When using these lines, never look for a repulsion or wait for the purpose her to take the mickey out of. The key to delivering a humorous line is to say it nonchalently, even looking away quickly while you're saying it.


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Zagotech: Muito Rodrigo Faro

DeLilith: Haha im colombian

Levelenth: You know you are dating an African when she has fuckin malaria

FRee Will: Think i just died and went to heaven

GKmelody23: Rename video pls to You know you are dating a decent woman.

Matt Matic: Can you make turkish version? I am 20 yo turkish man and still don't understand our women. :(

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  • Cocky & Funny Openers II. (she says Hey, I've seen you at ______) "Oh, so you were checking me out...
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If girl's been around a while "Are you meek or something? Because I've been standing here exchange for around ten minutes and you still haven't said Hi to me. As you can see. Ok we're broken up formerly, I'm going to track down a woman who can cook…" while she cracks up, talk to another chick, then come bet on a support "OK, so you can't cook… well, what else do you have contemporary for you??? You beaten first, compliment me. Live up to a maid, start walking next to her, and say "Have you ever walked with a more sexy man?

Your day just got a lot better!

Results 1 to 2 of 2. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Join Date Jul Gender: Location IL Age 28 Posts I'm a big fan of daygame and when I do, I more often then not use situational openers because it allows me to be more congruent.

However, I was wondering if anyone has used these Cocky Funny openers. Eating ice cream or junk food "You really shouldn't be eating that crap! You'll ruin your girlish figure. Put your arm around her like it's for a silly-picture, and look in the mirror together role-playing couple. She'll tackle you, and then you say, "Know what??

I need a RICH girl. GYM "Can I ask you something?

Republished with permission from mASF Forum. You must be like what, 4 foot 7 without them? Do you see what's going on behind the words? Aynthing ring a bell after reading those criteria? But if you stay, you do what I do. It all about the vibe. Enter your search terms Submit search form.

I'm gonna call the fashion police on you! I prefer to say things as they are according to my understanding but I must warn you that sometimes truth is disturbing. Do you like making out? Click here to read my article about that. In rain, walk up next to her and put umbrella over both of you "Here, have some coverage. Colorado Springs hookup

After having convey you my knowledge about alpha body language , I propose you by now another practical topic.

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