Hard Workin Trio - Hard work in Hungary as SA trio prepare for worlds

The success of Southland's top swimmers has been well documented, but underneath the Natalie Wiegersmas and the Adam McDonalds another group of swimmers is...

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  • Three of South Africa's leading judoka are sweating it out at an intense training...
  • THE thought of extra classes would fill most teens with a sinking sense of dread - but a...
  • Turvey Park pitcher Sam McNaughton has been selected to represent Country NSW alongside club teammate Macaulay...
  • Late February and early March led to the crowning of three Arizona Amateur Hockey Association state champions at...
  • Hard work in Hungary as SA trio prepare for worlds | SASCOC - SASCOC
  • THE thought of extra classes would fill most teens with a sinking sense of dread - but a...
  • Aug. 17, By Matt Winkeljohn The Good Word. Sam McNearney, Joshua Rogers and...

Sam McNearney , Joshua Rogers and Adrian Gardner have taken more than their fair shares of licks while wearing Georgia Tech uniforms, but few may know that.

Between them, they have a modest 12 game appearances to show, all adding up to perhaps a few dozen plays in blowouts. A few years ago, McNearney was a star quarterback, running back and defensive back at the Marist School. Day after day, their bodies get pounded upon — no differently than all their teammates — yet only rarely have they enjoyed payoff in the form of playing time.

It takes a special kind of patience and constitution to go through all that and. He had a tackle against Presbyterian in his only game. Life as a college student-athlete is no picnic, and for all the current chatter about further compensating scholarship student-athletes there is never a peep about helping those that punch the clock on their own nickels. These young men have given so much, given up so much, and their rewards are intrinsic.

He played in two games last season, and will graduate in December with a degree in aerospace engineering. Tackle today's puzzles From gentle to deadly - Crosswords, Suduko, Codewords, Wordwheels and quizzes. Robin Hood's Taron Egerton: All 13 years old, the trio — Kim and Bester from James Hargest College and McDonald from Southland Boys' High School — performed well at the South Island championships last weekend, and Swim Southland head coach Jeremy Duncan believes, if they stick with it, there will be plenty more success to come.

These young men have given so much, given up so much, and their rewards are intrinsic. Raising awareness of autism is helping us cope with Daniel's death, says Bradley family Events mark 40th anniversary of first shoot-to-kill victim. It is the same pupils and the same teachers.


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Hard Workin Trio

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