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Thanks for compiling this list! There are a few more JO clubs operating in North America but this is a solid representation of clubs...

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Jerk Off Club
Yogi Herlan: ARGENTINA. To bad she couldnt make it :(

Red Queen: No Asian languages?

Lara Gouveia: Husband is Indian and all of this is true for men as well

Anezka Lehka: I am russian, and I feel like this is a bit far-fetched, sorry guys

Ojo Momoko: This videos sucks because black Colombians and white Colombian women are totally different from Mestiza ans Native women

Traci Tari: Wrong Portuguese guys. thats the problem.

Remember the first time you jerked off? How intense the feeling was and the sight of your cum shooting out of your dick? Well, I don't either but I still do it almost every day even though I am over thirty and married. Most women don't understand the need men have to masturbate all the time but other guys do. Even though we never talk about it, or if we do it's in the past tense. Like "oh yeah when I was a teenager I did but not any more. I knew that wasn't true of any of my friends:

Going out for drinks?

Leon Reaper: Do one with turkish people next :D great video btw!


KYE SickHead: Consider making a dating video about Norwegian men/women. ^^

The2012west: When I lived in Toronto, i only lived there for the money. I didn't give a fuck about the bland social scene there and boring sex life. Although free box seats for leaf games was a nice perk.

PR Boxing: Where is australia?

CrowdSurfin: What is the song at 10 called?

Me Dying: All of that is not true

Gonzalo S: Speaking as a Greek woman, he's really good looking.

Borghild Project 980 Fort Worth singles Richmond singles BI TRIO ASSFUCKING AND EATING TIGHT PUSSY He Can Take It Deeper Than You Tampa singles Fremont singles Coital alignment technique Fort Worth dating Borghild Project Ever heard of a "jack-off club"?

On the floor I had spread out an old towel to be the cum catcher. Not losing a second, I wrap a towel around myself and try to hide my red, semi-erect penis from the masturbation monitor.

None of us here would discuss it with anyone else. His cock was thick and red and a drop of precum was oozing out of the top. His hand slid up and down as he said "start the tape man start the tape, I gotta bust! South Bend singles

I walk into the locker room, stroke my clothes off and head to the showers. The the highest is eager. I undergo a sprinkling of the shower gel that the gym supplies in buckets and start lathering up. I approximating putting on a portray, and in the course of the best part, the other society at my gym feel OK with it too. The one of guys showering there me look as while they approximative seeing a show.

I grab some more soap, bite my lip and…. You do a affectionate of fashion where you press it up against yourself and hide it behind your forearm. To anyone to get a good look, either you or the looker has to imprison still. Bigwig has to lock eyes with your dick to really go out with it. Outspokenly jerking mistaken with your friends and neighbors in the sprinkle is very likely unique to gay gyms, but every one showerbates.

The shower is safe. Gyms have usually been an important spaciousness for gay men.

And it's been a success ever since, with hundreds of members and a well-oiled heh organizational structure that includes a mentor-based introduction and coded consent wristbands red for "don't touch my dick," green for "just touch my dick".

His eyes got wide and his legs fell open as he stroked. His eyes were glued to the screen the whole time. He stood up and handed over the bottle to David. We are a private group and offer consenting adult males an opportunity to jack-off with other like-minded males. Folsom is now a bust. He started pounding it watching the fucking on the screen.

What are you waiting for? You Jack off, so why not jack with us.

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  1. If you think straight men and straight women can't be friends, then under that same argument, bisexuals must be friendless and alone :P

  2. Circumcision is a disgusting practice that needs to be made illegal, even for religious reasons. I don't care if you're Jewish or Muslim, stop circumcising!

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