Lewd Protected Ramming - Ram protection

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Lewd Protected Ramming

Fibonachi, on 18 September - Troubledove, on 18 September - Yeah sometimes it's really ridicolous it's not like tanks are as squishy as cars but the crew of both vehicles should sustain heavy injuries if they ram another. Of course not if one vehicles is too light but because there was no crew protection like in our modern vehicles the force of the impact alone can potentially kill whoever is inside.

Enforcer, on 18 September - It is a cool feature but poorly implemented, touch is not ramming, these are armoured vehicles. You need some relative speed, when u go reverse how can anyone ram you going about the same as you, just a touch and boom, michael bay or top secret

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  • Ramming meme but in HD. === [Poptepipic] Hibiki's wonderland of lewd ships and various delusions. Just For...
  • Ram protection for gas and electrical equipment in the area...
  • Memory protection is a way to control memory access rights on a computer, and is...
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Local Company Hopes to Prevent Vehicle-Ramming Attacks, Builds Security Barrier "Bollards" - Better Than Craigslist Hookup

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