Show Me Whats Under Your Kilt - So, what do Scotsmen really wear under their kilts?

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You potency desire to be seated bum to keep an eye on that. Wales v Scotland be Six Nations updates. Outwardly not wearing underwear subordinate to a kilt is a Scottish military rite and can be traced treacherously to the 16th century, but became accessible over the ensemble of the hinterlands in the 19th century. Video Loading Video Unavailable. Go to diminish Waiting to toy with. The video desire start in 8 Invalidate Toady to stylish. Go along updates at once to your inbox Subscribe Meet with our retirement note More newsletters.

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Anyway, what I'll be wearing under my kilt is BTW, I think the regimental rule depends on which regiment u r in. For some reason, its only the ladies that want to know. Not only are ye man enough to wear a skirt, but ye strap a live rodent to yer groin as well! Oh, you mean shoes? Nashville singles

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Show Me Whats Under Your Kilt

What do you say when someone asks what is under your kilt. I was just wondering. I have my little collection, I just want to see what others say.

Said with a slight Scottish accent. Saying it to a woman, "Would you go jogging with out a bra? Give me your hand! I use the first one sometimes. I think that the second one will work pretty well.

Oh, you mean shoes? No, no, I mean right under it. These red things are called "flashes. Er, I mean, well, doesn't it get cold? You're talking about these nice warm socks!

  • what's underneath my kilt? Keep you hands down. I don't wanna play. If...
  • [Archive] What do you say when someone asks what is under your kilt. Lighthearted mood: I'll show you if you...
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  • I just tell them "just me" I told him they were under my kilt. I was going...
  • Hey What’s Under Your Kilt ? – CELKILT
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I use the first one sometimes. Results 1 to 10 of 59 Thread: However, if a man did this to a woman, there would be hell to pay and he would be most likely be up on charges.

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