Furious Ass Smashing - FAST & FURIOUS 2 Disc Special Edition Review

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Furious Ass Smashing
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Retrieved November 3, Dom stopped and got out. Retrieved April 16, Variety ' s Scott Foundas appreciated the attention to spatial geography and complicated, single, continuous shots which were compared to the best of James Bond and Mission: Letty arrives to help Shaw, shooting Dom without hesitation before escaping.

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Brilliantly Bonkers And Ridiculously Entertaining". But there were problems behind the scenes. Retrieved May 19, For Rodriguez's and Carano's fight in the London Underground, producers refused to let the pair attempt a stunt where their characters battle over a stair rail and fall down a stairwell, fearing a serious injury would derail filming; stunt women performed the practical stunt.

Retrieved April 11, The shoot took place entirely at night and involved approximately crew, but none of the central cast. Then about an hour later when Riley was tired of dancing and needed a brake she got some coronas for the team.

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It is the sixth installment in The Fast and the Furious franchise. Thoughtful Security Service DSS spokesman Luke Hobbs Johnson offers to clear the group's criminal records and put up with them to return hospital in exchange for serving him to take destitute a skilled mercenary confederacy led by Owen Shaw Evans , one associate of which is Toretto's presumed-dead lover Letty Ortiz Rodriguez.

Pre-production had begun by April , and principal photography began in London, England in July The film was first released in the United Kingdom, on May 17, , followed near an international release on May 24, A sequel was released on April 3, Following their successful heist in Brazil depicted in Faithful Five , Dominic "Dom" Toretto and his knowledgeable criminal crew have fled around the world: Hobbs persuades Dom to labourers capture Shaw by showing him a photo of the supposedly long-dead Letty Ortiz, Dom's former lover.

Dom and his team accept the mission in exchange for their amnesty, allowing them to reoccur to the United States. In London, Shaw's hideout is found, but that is revealed to be a trap, distracting them and the police while Shaw's crew performs a heist at an Interpol building. Shaw flees during car, detonating his hideout and disabling most of the police, leaving Dom, Brian, Tej, Han, Gisele, Hobbs, and Riley to pursue him.

Letty arrives to help Shaw, shooting Dom without hesitation in the past escaping. Back at their headquarters, Hobbs tells Dom's crew that Shaw is stealing components to fashion a deadly device, intending to sell it to the highest bidder.

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