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The term "Short Shorts" was a description Bob Gaudio and Tom Austin had given to the cutoff jeans teenage girls were wearing during the summer of Just then,...

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WOLF Kz: Damn these people are harsh.

Hot pants, mini shorts, or daisy dukes?

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Who Wears Short Shorts

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Yeon from Tower of God. Subverted rather hilariously in The Heat , when Mullins tries to cut Ashburn's clothes into something more bar-appropriate. Rikku wears one of this in green color in both games. If you don't want to be too revealing, just add tights.

Even Luna gets the point how revealing Bullet's attire is. Carrollton dating

Depending on whether you see him as Adorkable or just a dorky bull She wears cuffed jean shorts when the story wants to remind you she's the Tomboy to Mikuru's Girly Girl. Matsu from Sengoku Basara wears very short shorts which are slitted up the sides to boot. Robins Dick Grayson and Jason Todd in the classic costume are a pair of rare male examples. And subsequently gets his ass kicked by her.

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