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Uncle Tony is a bit shorter then daddy. He's 6 foot tall and has broad muscular shoulders, backed by the an impressive pair of biceps. He had a sexy tribal full-sleeve tattoo on his left arm and his right pec bore an italian flag tat. He was clean shaven. I loved daddy's mustache but Uncle Tony's boyish good looks suited him.

He had medium length brown hair and his eyes were dark and sultry. He had rough hands like daddy and an equally large dick. Daddy had his rugged hand behind my head, forcing me up and down his thick Italian shaft. He moaned and puffed on his cigar. Uncle Tony was kneeled behind me, playing with my smooth ass. Sometimes I would look back to admire Uncle Tony smoking that cigarette. He smoked it like a real man. I was going to town on daddy's dick when I felt the moist tip of Uncle Tony's tongue gently massaging my hole.

Billie September 10, Fu Ming hard here and stroking! D August 5, Uncle Tony spasmed a few times. He smoked like a typical construction worker.

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Lecheparavaka: Why is no one talking about how hot that Steve guy is ?

Nolan Milnes: Ik can speak the first one

Iktsu4rp0k: She talked to him and he walked away! What is this? SO awkward feels like a rejection.

Lisanne: The jamaican girl dying because of indian food XD

Carolyn Blair: Sadly the German one is so accurate :D

Iririsha Now: This was funny. Great vid!

Dark Ice: I want a video on fresh canadian women and men

Nothingg: We're in London, mid October.

Eric Barrera: Stop making Caucasian people look ignorant.

Blue Moon: So its everything opposite of America's

Violetta V: German women are a lot of fun to date. I dated one for a few weeks and it was a blast. The only problem is they can be flaky and once theyre done with you, don't expect to hear from them again.

Fanofcrete: That scene where he sings to her must have been difficult not to laugh xD

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Pragya Singh: I am Russian and I hate hear that: l afraid, because you have BEAR in your flat! Russians not feel frost. 3 OMG! You do not drink alcohol, even vodka! When l say that 40 people in Russia do not drink generally, my interlocutor paralyzes. 4 You real Russian, because you have 185 cm in height. 5 In Russia you can not speak freely, but you are safe here.

Sasa Janjusic: Spanish accent number 1, then Russian, French in that order.

FaNgIrL: I'm Indian and I like Mexican men.

KageNoTenshi: Do a Colombian guy one lol

Rich Haller: I was fucking expecting Turkish, fuck yeah

Mona Mocanu: So russian women suck, they cant even enter a car. good to know ;)

Lick Suck Pee Hole Gay

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