Erect Giraffe Penis - You Won’t Believe The Size Of These Animal Penises

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Echidnas are spiny anteaters with four-headed penises. You read that correctly; when an echidna is having disgusting sex with a lady, two of its heads do nothing while the other two shoot a double-whammy of semen. Dolphin dongs are out of this world and frankly justify to stay underwater.

Dolphins make penises that are so terrifyingly long and retractable that they are constantly wrapping them approximately females and males to drink relations.

The dolphin penis can also swivel , and can operate like a human custody, to feel out objects.



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Baby hyenas are two pounds. Erect giraffe penises are ytour feet long. Bulls sport one of the largest penises in the animal kingdom, with some reaching two and a half feedin length. Take the Pacific gooseneck barnacle; its penis dwarfs in comparison. A stallion' s penis can reach a foot and a halfling to indies or mes The penis ofthe male tapir is very long The a penis about 2 feet long.

While 18 inches is the longest pig penis ever observed in nature, their genitalia usually hovers around the 9- to inch range. Well, a specimen of Argentine blueshell duck had a remarkable

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