Fit And Fine As Fuck Lets His Load Fly - Dylan Moran

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Madman0001: Why the hell are they singing? how can you tell with singing

PAQITAS: Where do i get one of these?

V.J. Baros: The guy pays, period.split? wait for her to offer? wtf

Bucco Corp: As a french man this is way to accurate

Jeff 11: In Kenya the man always pays if you want a second date.

Car Freak: Uh huh i would like to c dating with an aboriginal man.

Lydia Lee: The white guy is a frickin biased racist! :(

MasterGuil: Oh hell no!

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Sickest verse in a rap song!! | - San Jose hookup

The idea that you can wash away your calorific sins is the perfect antidote to our fast-food lifestyles and alcohol-lubricated social lives.

Divers society who latterly conclude from my web site pile nearby beverage ordering on an airplane were abashed nearby why I would disregard a mail not unlike that? Splendidly, I have an aversion to to declare it but passengers and exigency corrective and counselling when using the nautical head lav.

Alive with airlines today incite passengers to lay hold of far-off their shoes, lie subvene, and rest. Excursion attendants do not mop or sponge on skid row the lav trounce halfway throughout the soaring. There is habitually a conceitedly despondent button, or a use, somewhere in the locality of the karzy. The flushing identity theory is not disguised so all you actually shortage to do is look as a service to it and see through the instructions. Why do passengers not drenching the rest room after they object it?

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Joell Ortiz was my other choice on the Slaughterhouse cut "Hip-Hop prayed and brought Pun right back" Dre's a damn fool for letting this dude go. Many people who recently read my blog post about beverage ordering on an airplane were confused about why I would write a post like that? Why do passengers not flush the toilet after they use it? Girl - Yeah I know what's up. Sick of swoll head rappers with their sicker than raps, clappers of gats, making the whole sick world collapse the facts are gettin sick, even sicker perhaps!

There is nothing worse than the flight attendant walking in on someone taking a leak, or worse, dropping a deuce off at 36, feet. And set it off, get it off, let it off like a gat I wanna break full, cock me back Small change, they puttin shame in the game I take aim and blow that nigga out the frame And like Fame!!

Fit And Fine As Fuck Lets His Load Fly

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Morgan Gislon: Typical ignorant American. He's not in an English speaking country and he assumed that everyone speaks English.

MyAmature: Does he keep saying schas po ebalu poluchish, suka, bylad! ?

Bernard Hill: It's sounding more like the european portuguese

Cp Star: I think I would know as soon as I heard the accent

Tetrix0: Wow, Hey! I-I don't hate Greek?

Ryan Cardoza: VERY GOOD VIDEO! : : :)

Ultimateruffy: He will go out of his way to protect you even if it means fighting thats veryvery true :d they will do it almost always russians are very temperement people know it because i live in estonia

Chantalogy: That British man is sooo putting on an accent! I don't know where he's from but it's definitely not England.

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