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I would like to break the stigma and myths that surround my profession. A lot of people have an image of what a stripper is and does....

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Oddly Tattooed Male Stripper Cums

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Soy Zaya: Brasil e muito melhor kkk

Amore Vietato: The one who's in the black and white dress is amazingly gorgeous! would marry asap

Arpit Kapil: If you just brought a real croatian it would be much different

Shaik Khalid: I'm french and i didn't understand at all what the girl who speak French said the first time XD

Geo. M.: Russian women are classy

Bigjohn697791: It's a good job I don't five a flying fuck what wimmin want.

Leonardo Dias: Ah, Marina. You just couldn't say no to anything related to Spanish men, could you? Are you sure this was acting? ;)Could you do some of the Baltics (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, etc. next?

Sujay Joshi: Guys, with all these Japanese men dating dolls and VR systems, you gotta do a You know you're dating a Japanese woman when

Whinnery Pooh: Netfrix with no one chill

LOP1698: The part about drinking beer is so generic, but the more I think about it, it's actually so true. :D Our beer just tastes so good!

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The Moment When The Male Stripper Gets His Cock out - Gay Sex & Love!

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Also, has being a stripper affected your life positively or negatively? Between security, friends, and sometimes my old man they never make it far enough to be a threat. Please feel free to ask anything you've ever wondered, heard, experiences you or I have had, anything. Ive been dancing for about 5 years already.

Please give the reason for reporting the video Please write the reason! Or is this exactly what you want to do? I graduated from HS, absolutely no college.

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Alana Galvez: Made feel good to be from mex.

Luke Garrett: Persistently your wallet!

Pdxeddie1111: What the hell with the superstitions? It is not like at all ! It is only like that if you are the poor uncultured type that besides that is a trashy, dumb Mexican woman without class

Love Brids: I'm shook. To think I might be living here soon.

Callmepam: I'll donate if you let Andrew Smash for a week and make it an adventure on YouTube.

Rush88 Tw: If a german thinks a girl is ugly he is going to say to her? ahhahaha

Sabrina Brito: The woman at 30 looks like gru from despicable me

Yuan's Temple: Pretty much applies to Swedish women as well.

Mr Backer: Hi! I'm from Brazil and what PDA means? '-'

Khizar Hayyat: He's posing like he owns a mansion lol

KrIsTaL: The asians men is so true.

Flower Bleach: I live in Bath now (was born in Corsica and their accents make me feel dumb because they sound so smart.

Anton C: German and Russian are the sexiest to me, but I also like Limey accents and the Arabic sounded really pretty too. I HATE the sound of French, it sounds like someone hocking up a loogey.

INTPaul!: FYI this info is speaking of the 5 of women in Russia.

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You have already rated this video! Extreme Fuck Tube The craziest story I have involving a dancer and a fight is a customer grabbed a dancers throat one time.

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